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You may start at any time. We will pro-rate your tuition fee. If your desired class is full, you may be added to the waitlist by calling (503) 620-5970. There is a $30 one-time new family registration fee. Cancellation policies are here.

Fall 2 Session (October 21st to December 20th)

Thursday, October 31st CLOSED at 5:00pm (Halloween)
Thursday, November 28th & Friday, November 29th (Thanksgiving)

Currently Enrolled Families: Registration will be Saturday, September 28th
Stroke 1-3 & Pre-Team: 7:00am
Water Safety 1-3: 7:30am
Parent Baby – Adv. Parent Tot 2 Levels: 8:00am

Previous/New Families: Registration will be Thursday, October 3rd at 9:00am

The Fall 2 Schedule will be available mid-September.

Parent Baby is the first step to teaching babies and parents how to enjoy and love the water. We will teach parents how to properly and confidently hold their baby in the water while working on floating, gliding, reaching out, and submerging. Teachers incorporate songs and games in the class to provide a fun, loving environment. Once a child has turned 15 months, they will continue in our Parent Tot level.
Parent Tot is for beginner toddlers between 15 months and 35 months. Continuing through songs and games, we teach parents how to correctly hold their toddler to promote relaxed and comfortable movement through the water. In addition to these skills, overcoming fear of the water, gaining breath control, and relaxed gliding while having fun are the main goals in this class. To move to the next level, your toddler should overcome all fear of the water, put eyes in whenever asked, glide 3-4 feet to the instructor and use fins and arm floats independently.
*Instructor Approval Needed* Advanced Parent Tot 1 is for fearless toddlers who can hold their breath for 3-5 seconds, glide 3-4 feet, and use fins and arm floats independently. This class is designed to slowly but surely work the parent out of the water with a patient and safe approach. Students will learn how to respect the water and be safe in and around water. Students will practice independent swims 4-5 feet out to an instructor and rolling over to their backs to breathe. Instructors will also introduce pool equipment, goggles, and fins.
*Instructor Approval Needed* Advanced Parent Tot 2 is for fearless toddlers whose parents are already out of the water and can swim 5 feet independently out to the instructor. This class is designed to turn fearless swimmers into patient and good listeners who follow the rules that go along with being safe in and around water. These students will begin to float with or without assistance and roll onto their back to breathe.
Water Safety 1 is for beginning swimmers over the age of three. A child in Water Safety 1 may have some reserve about getting in the water or putting their eyes in and/or swimming. Getting wet and participating in class in a huge accomplishment for them. Using trust, patience, and positive reinforcement, our instructors teach their students to overcome fear of the water and gain breath control. To move into the next level, students will have overcome fear of the water, put their eyes in whenever asked, swim independently 5 feet with sit dive out to instructor, and float on back with help.
Water Safety 2 works on increasing confidence when swimming and learning to rollover onto their back to take a breath of air. They should have no fear of the water, put eyes in whenever asked and swim 5 feet independently out to the instructor. To move into the next level, students should be able to kick on back 15 feet by self, swim out rolling to back and rolling back to front, U-turn and swim back to wall, and dive down 4 feet to the bottom of the pool.
This is a class designed for kids 8 and older who are still working on WS1/WS2 skills. The teacher will work at their individual level.
Water Safety 3 is the last class in our water safety program. In this class students gain endurance by swimming and rolling over the length of our pool. Students work on straight leg kicks without fins and perfecting the skills they learned in their Water Safety 2 class. In order to move to our Stroke 1 program, a child should be able to kick on back with straight legs 17 yards by self with no fins, swim out and rollover 17 yards by self with no fins, and starfish float independently for 10 seconds.
Stroke 1 is for swimmers who can kick 17 yards on their back with no fins independently and rollover 17 yards with no fins independently. Kids in this level will work on kick board kicks, backstroke and freestyle. Once they can kick 4 lengths with a kick board and swim 4 lengths backstroke and 4 lengths freestyle, they will move to Stroke 2.
Stroke 2 continues to work on technique and improve endurance for kick board kicks, backstroke and freestyle. Once a child can complete 2 lengths kick board kicks with no fins, 4 lengths backstroke with no fins, and 2 lengths freestyle bilateral breathing with no fins, they are ready for our Stroke 3 class.
Stroke 3 introduces breast stroke, flip turns, and dolphin kick with arm drills

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