Children of the Sea
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10170 SW Nimbus Ave, Ste H7, Portland OR 97223 |
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Meet the Owners


Lynne, Owner

I am Lynne Zavrski, Owner of Children of the Sea. Let me share a little with you about my swim teaching credentials. I moved to Hawaii in 1975, where I was the first female lifeguard on the beach of ... Read more

AJ, Owner/Director

My name is AJ and I am the Owner/Director here at Children of the Sea. I have been making splashes in the pool since the summer of 2005. I am originally from Massachusetts and moved to Portland after ... Read more



Pool Staff


Front Desk Staff



Hi everyone! My name is Courtney and I have worked here at the Front Desk since Spring 2005. I ... Read more


Hey, I'm CC. I'm originally from Eugene but I have lived in Portland for about three years. I ... Read more


Hi, I'm Samantha. I recently started working at the front desk. I was born and raised in the area ... Read more